( opening & welcoming remarks )


First Week : Aug. 3rd (Mon) -  7th (Fri)

Theme :  


Title of talk


Date of talk


Sang-Jin Sin

How holography works


3 Aug


Matti Jarvinen

Top-down models for the quantum hall effect  (6 Aug)
Boost invariant flow of nonconformal plasma  (7 Aug)


6, 7 Aug


Kyung Kiu Kim

Ward identity and conductivities


3 Aug


Yunseok Seo

Thermoelectric Transports at Finite Magnetic Field and Magnetic Impurites


5 Aug


Miok Park

Holography (without SUSY) and GR


7 Aug


Shigenori Seki

Entanglement in scattering


4 Aug


Deog Ki Hong

Hadron masses in holographic QCD  (4 Aug)
Parity violation and New physics in superconductors (6 Aug)


4, 6 Aug


Keun Young Kim

A simple Holographic Superconductor with Momentum Relaxation


5 Aug






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Second Week : Aug. 10th (Mon) - 14th (Fri)

Theme :  


Title of talk


Date of talk


Kimmo Tuominen

Composite dynamics and a light scalar resonances (10,13 Aug)


10, 13 Aug


Kang-Sin Choi

Embedding the Standard Model in Double Field Theory


12 Aug


Doyoun Kim

Current status of Higgs physics


10 Aug


Sung-Soo Kim

A new 5d description of 6d D-type minimal conformal matter


14 Aug


Loganayagam Ramaligam

The Fluid Manifesto : Schwinger Keldysh and the emergence of fluid dynamics  (11 Aug)
  A topological gauge theory for entropy current : fluids and black holes  (12 Aug)


11, 12 Aug


Kristan Jensen

A new constraint on boundary renormalization group flow (11,13 Aug)


11, 13 Aug


Eoin O Colgain

Supergravity dual of c-extremization


14 Aug